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"I shall be anointed with fresh oil." - Psalm 92:10. People today are hungry for a fresh anointing in worship. They are hungry to encounter the realness of God's presence in their lives.

Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It represents God's presence and power in your life - the anointing. To anoint is to rub in, smear, or pour on. This anointing of fresh oil can be sensed upon music - music that has been set apart for the Lord and is poured out before Him. When music carries such an anointing, it becomes like the fresh oil of God's presence and anoints us to live out of this presence.

Hungry to encounter such an anointing, and in turn be smeared with the fresh oil it carries? Position yourself in the presence of God, bask in His anointing, and become a vessel filled with this fresh oil.

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1 Kings 19:11
Elijah was in the cave. Where was God? God was not in the fire, or the earthquake, or the wind. Where was God? Where is God in our song services today? - in the fire songs, the earthquake songs, or the wind songs? Maybe in the still small quiet moments of our lives we should ask ourselves, "Where is God?"

In the midst of all our busy worship services and performance-oriented ministry, is there a hunger stirring in our hearts for the reality of the presence of God, for His sweet Holy Spirit refreshing and transforming us, or will we be happy with the mere form and ritual of the performance?

I believe we are living in days when there is a great longing in the hearts of God's people for a fresh anointing in worship. But how do we get to that place where our worship services flow in a tangible anointing?


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"Is there a hunger stirring in our hearts for the reality of the presence of God?"

I once had a dream where I discovered what I believe to be a real key in flowing in the anointing in a song service. I heard a pastor ask me how I get such a sweet anointing in my music, and I replied, ”I don’t just use songs, I let songs be used.” The key is sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Total dependence on the Holy Spirit at every turn of the meeting releases faith in a way that pleases God and releases the anointing in a song service. The meeting becomes His in a very unique and sometimes radical way! You find yourself doing things and singing songs in a way and at times that will catch you totally by surprise. No song service is ever the same. The uniqueness and creativity of the Holy Spirit is boundless. This uniqueness and creativity released by being sensitve to the Holy Spirit is one of the keys that helps release fresh oil into our services.

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Fresh Oil Music

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"I love the sound of Glory that is being released. It is awesome to witness your passion and intimacy through song. This is the year of release and He is releasing Glory into the earth and we are releasing worship like never before."

– Duane McCou, TN, USA

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