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The Song of the Lord

The song of the Lord is a spontaneous, prophetic utterance in song whose composition is attributed to the inspiration of the Holy spirit. It is often released as part of a corporate expression of prophetic worship or spontaneous worship. It is worshipping supernaturally with songs that are supernatural in origin - hence, "The song of the Lord."


Honey Bee is a spontaneous prophetic love song from the Lord to His people. This song came after the altar call at the end of the Sunday evening service. It contains some delightful imagery and interpretation, all spontaneously conceived. Discover The Secret Place!

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The Song Of The Lord

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The Song of the Lord is a spiritual song directed primarily to God's people as the singer becomes a channel for the Lord to convey a message in song. The "new" Song of the Lord might be sung with a melody spontaneously composed or it may be non-melodic (chordal intervals); it may be with a rhythm or non-rhythmic. The style of the song is not the essential element but rather the message is the significant factor as the Bridegroom, Christ, sings to His bride, the church.

1. The Nature of the Song of the Lord

a. A Word of Prophecy in Song.
The Song of the Lord is often a prophetic song which may warn, instruct in the Spirit, or even sometimes give direction to the local body of Christ. As prophecy in song, the hearer bears the responsibility to heed the word of the Lord and be a doer of that word. It may even include the sense sometimes of foretelling, but this would be infrequent and should come from mature ministry.


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b. A Word of Encouragement in Song.
There are times when we all need to be encouraged in the ways of God. Many times the Song of the Lord serves to lift our spirits unto God and encourages us in Him.

c. A Word of Exhortation in Song.
The Song of the Lord comes to exhort us in the area that God would have us to be stirred. It may be in specific areas of our Christian walk or response to Him in worship. The Song of the Lord will function to shake us to action and to do His bidding.

d. A Word of Comfort in Song.
The Song of the Lord also serves to bring comfort to those that are bereaved or in times of great troubling in their lives. The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, stirs a Song of the Lord in a human vessel to sing the soothing, comforting word which is as a healing balm to those who are suffering.

2. The Function of the Song of the Lord.

Everyone should exercise faith that the Lord will use him to bear a message in song to God’s people. Although not everyone will have a “ministry” in singing the Song of the Lord, yet everyone may minister such a song at different times. One who has never ministered in spiritual songs might first begin with singing a Song of Praise before attempting the Song of the Lord. It usually takes more faith to sing the Song of the Lord. The following functions and results occur as we sing the Song of the Lord:

Song of the Lord

(Primarily sung to others)



1. Teaching Deposits Biblical principles
2. Admonishing Warns and touches on practical needs
3. Exhorting Stirs others
4. Edifying Strengthens others
5. Comforting Consoles Others

Preparatory Guidelines To Singing The Song Of The Lord

How To Sing The Song Of The Lord

The following guidelines will assist you in preparing spiritually to minister The Song of the Lord:

1. Ask the Lord to Give You a “New” Song

The Lord desires to give “new” songs unto His people. If you ask in faith, the Lord will birth a “new” song in your heart under the unction of the Holy Spirit. It is wonderful to sing unto God the songs which He has given to others, but there is a special thrill in singing the “new” song which He has put within your own heart.

2. Make it a Practice to Sing Spontaneous Songs to the Lord Devotionally

As you daily sing spontaneous “new” songs unto the Lord in your devotions, there will be a greater flow of spiritual songs in your heart. Make it a regular practice to sing the Song of Praise unto Him. The Scripture indicates in Revelation 5:9 and 14:3 that the singing of “new” songs will be perpetual in Heaven throughout all eternity by the redeemed.

3. Realize that the Joy of the Lord is a Prerequisite.

Spiritual songs must be preceeded by a spirit of joy and rejoicing. In the atmosphere of joy, “new” songs are birthed (Psalms 89:15).

4. Study God’s Word with Diligence.

Scripture describes itself as inspired of God (11 Timothy 3:16). The Greek word for “inspiration” is “theopneustos”, meaning literally “God-breathed”. As we study His Word, this same breath of God begins to quicken our spirits from its pages. Also, as we store God’s Word in our hearts, the Holy Spirit will at times quicken things which we have studied from His Word to minister a challenge to the people.

5. Sing a Spiritual Song by Faith, not by Feeling.

There are times when we must sing the Song of Praise and the Song of the Lord by faith and not allow our feelings to govern us (Hebrews 11:6). The disciplined, mature Christian will not allow his feelings to control him, but will cause his spirit by faith to control his feelings.

6. Be Sensitive in the Spirit to Other People’s Needs and Burdens.

As one is sensitive in the Spirit to other people’s needs and burdens, he should expect the Lord by faith to give him a song to minister to that need. This should not be a sensitivity which stems because of something you have a personal vendetta about or a need you have already noticed in the congregation. When the Holy Spirit quickens a particular burden to a spiritually sensitive heart, the Lord will give a song for that need in the body of Christ.

7. Be Sure to Be What You Sing.

Although it is not necessary that we be a “perfect” example of all which we might minister in the Song of the Lord, yet we should be already obeying the Lord in the area ministered to God’s people. If this is not the case, our failure in this area personally will hinder the thrust of the message. Also the person should consider that the burden is probably the dealing of God with him to change in this area of his own life.

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Prophetic Word

"The Lord says you have entered into a realm now with God. There are new songs coming forth. And I see a connection between heaven and earth and some of your greatest works that you put your hand to, to deliver the song of the Lord. And I see music notes lined with gold because they are of the glory realm."

- Patricia King, XP Ministries


"There is such an anointing in the songs, and I look forward to hear more of your music. Our Father has obviously opened your eyes for who He truly is. You just can not make this kind of music, pouring out your heart in this way without a deep revelation of who He is, without knowing Him. We can only pour out what we have received and experienced for our selves. That is the way it works. It has to be genuine and pure."

� Nilla, Sweden

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